• Centrifugal Sand Pump
    Centrifugal Sand Pump

    Centrifugal sand pump is mainly supplied to solids control circulating system of oilfiel drill rig,and be used to offer drilling fluid with certain volume and pressure to desander,desilter or mixer.

  • JZS drilling fluid shale shaker
    Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

    The shale shakers were solely designed and manufactured by our company but with the advantages of same international well-known products,containing more than one patents

  • JZQDrilling Liquid Cleaner
    Drilling Liquid Cleaner

    The drilling liquid cleaner is fixed drilling liquid solids control equipment consisting of desander,desilter and shale shaker.

  • JZQJ300×2/250×2 Desander

    As a solids control equipment of the second stage in drilling operation, desander is used to remove harmful solid particles of 40-74µm in drilling liquid.

  • JZQJ100×12 Desilter

    As a solids control equipment of the third stage in drilling operation, desilter is used to remove solid particles of 20-40 µm in drilling liquid.

  • drilling fluids vacuum degasser
    Vacuum Degasser

    New Type Vacuum Degasser is solids control equipment for treatment of gas cut drilling liquid. It can get rid of incursive gas quickly in drilling liquid to recover specific gravity of drilling liquid and stabilize its performance.

  • Centrifuger for sale

    Centrifuger is the key equipment in treatment of harmful superfine solidoid in drilling liquid. It can separate and recycle the solidoid with the particle of bigger than 5µm and recover the density of drilling liquid so as to increase drilling speed.

  • JQB Shearing Pump
    Shearing Pump

    JQB Series Shearing Pump is mainly used in preparations of chemical medicine of oilfield. In consideration of poor working conditions of shearing pump, in order to extend its service life, the company is very strict with and has very special requirements for purchasing of key components.

  • JYQ Series Liquid-gas Separator
    Liquid-Gas Separator

    Liquid-gas separator of drilling liquid is solids control equipment used to provide pre-degassing to gas cut drilling liquid. It is mainly used to clear away big bubbles of φ3-φ25mm.

  • JNJ Series Agitator

    Drilling liquid agitator is used to provide continuous and reliable agitation of drilling liquid in order to retain uniformity of drilling liquid and keep solid particles suspending.

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